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Thailand for HODLers. How to buy Thailand residency with Bitcoin?


Why Thailand?
You can manage everything, you can do everything, you can access everything, and everything is available. It’s very low stress location compared to all over else.

And as HODLer with all that crypto costs roller coaster trip easy living is very good for psychological health.
And fortunately is that you can purchase residency with Bitcoin or Ethereum, it’s called THAI ELITE Visa

It is a visa categorized as a Privilege Entry Visa that stands for 5 years with several entries without needing to deal with so much paperwork or visits to the migration workplace. The Thai Elite Visa holder will be allowed to remain in the nation for up to 1 year on each see.

The Thailand Elite visa is the easiest method to reside in Thailand with the security of long-term residency. Elite subscription enables you to avoid the hassle of conference visa requirements and transactions with Immigration year after year. If you wish to pay for convenience and assurance, this is the visa for you.

It also have some advantages

VIP welcoming and escort on arrival and departure by Personal Assistants on worldwide flights
Unique Fast Track migration and passport control upon arrival and departure
Complimentary use of Miracle arrival and departure lounges
Comprehensive Government concierge services for:
– service networking & immigration services;
– facilitation of motorist’s license & savings account with foreign currency

Here is a company witch accept crypto for Thai ELITE Visa

There are two most popular city to live: Bangkok and Chaing Mai
About Chaing Mai:
It’s the least expensive digital wanderer friendly spot in the world, that is likewise good and convenient. Although the earlier reviews do mention the problem of air quality and transport. the regional food is fantastic plus there’s a variety of world class dining establishments, there’s nature and lots of places to see that aren’t traveler spots, loads of coworking spots and coffee shops,. but it’s also simply boring enough to be an excellent area to calm down and concentrate on work. plus month to month rentals are super typical here, can show up at numerous places and rent a room for a month

About Bangkok
Buzzing, damp and exotic, Bangkok is the epic city where splendid temples, historical markets, skyscrapers and rooftop bars create an intoxicating vibe that’s difficult to resist.

A mix of the standard and the contemporary, Bangkok’s every street has a surprise in store. Ramshackle buildings crouch next to striking holy shrines, which are neglected by modern hotels and offices.

Bangkok has a few of the best personal healthcare facilities on the planet. Which is interesting if you’re in Asia a lot and you want treatment much better than you can get in your house nation.

You can learn more about Thailand on DIGITAL NOMAD list

If you don’t want to stay for long time, you can just visit Thailand for 1-2 month


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