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7 ways to use crypto in your everyday life



This is technically not everyday use, but it is a fairly common way of using bitcoin. If you have the coins to spare, you can use them to trade on exchange platforms.

Crypto trading and everyday needs
Crypto trading and everyday needs

A popular exchange for trading is Binance. Binance supports both spot and leveraged trading. If you’re thinking of trading, make sure you only trade with money you can afford to lose.

Due to the volatility of the prices, trading can be very risky, so make sure you know what you’re doing before diving in.

Online Purchases with crypto

The real value in crypto lies in hodling and speculating. But beyond speculating, you can also use it to buy items online.

In Italy, for example, Bitcoin is the third most accepted payment method.  In fact, the only payment options bigger than it is PayPal and the Italian prepaid card service PostePay. What about Visa and Mastercard? Nope! Bitcoin is a bigger payment method than those two giants.

Pretty cool, right?

You’re probably wondering, who is crazy enough to spend their coins when it probably increases in the years to come? And what could you possibly spend it on?

Well, you’d be surprised.

A simple way to use crypto in everyday life is with Bitrefill.

Bitrefill is a website and app exchange platform that promises to make everyday living easier with cryptocurrency. Bitrefill lets you pay for goods and services by exchanging your digital tokens for gift cards.

Basically, you can exchange your coins for gift cards and use the gift card to make payments on any platform. You can also exchange your tokens for phone refills.

They currently accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, DASH and have over 1500 vouchers from most major retailers (Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Steam, Walmart, PlayStation, Microsoft, eBay).

Pay for food

Before the pandemic, ordering food online was a convenient way of getting something to eat without leaving your home.

In this post-pandemic world, ordering food and drinks online is less about convenience and more about limiting your exposure to others. 

Using electronic payments will also keep you from having to deal with paper money. If you’re a bitcoin enthusiast, then you’d appreciate the ability to pay for food with your digital currencies.

Buy flight tickets or book hotels

Yes, you read that right!

Websites like Surf Air, CheapAir, and Expedia allow you to pay for your flight and hotel accommodation with bitcoin.

Virgin Galactic even lets you pay for space travel with Bitcoin, although that may be something only a whale can afford!

Pay for apps, movies, music, and games

Microsoft’s app stores now accept Bitcoin as payment, allowing you to download music, games, and other app-based services while paying with BTC.Certain artists, such as Bjork and Imogen Heap, will let you buy their music in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Pay for professional services

Did you know that several law firms and accounting firms accept Bitcoin? As bitcoin develops traction and popularity, more businesses are altering their operations to suit this type of exchange. Some are currently accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

Get Paid in Cryptocurrency

Spending your cryptocurrency is not the only everyday use you can put it to; you can also get paid in it too.

If you have a business or an eCommerce store, why not integrate crypto payments on your website?

With Coinbase Pro, you can create an API and incorporate cryptocurrency payments into any secure website. Other platforms, such as Bitpay or

Coinpayments.net is pioneering easy Crypto payment, making it easy for those who have never heard of an API before. As time goes, it’ll become even easier.

The downside of using third-party integrations to receive your payment in crypto is the occasionally high commission for certain transactions.  Hopefully, this will reduce as crypto gets more integrated with our daily lives.

One benefit of being paid in Bitcoin is that you won’t have to wait for your money for the entire weekend; you’ll have it within 10 minutes after the other party completes the transaction.


Every day, more retailers and businesses are starting to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in return for their services and products.  In case you’re wondering,  the right time to get into crypto is now.

There is no doubt that digital currencies will be the way of the future and that blockchain technology will totally transform the way we transact, purchase, and conduct business in all areas.

It is not too late to get involved in cryptocurrency, so get yourself some today. Bitcoin may not be as accessible for everyday use now. Still, as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream and the technology evolves, it’ll get easier.


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